CUHK – Crowdfund your Dream

Got an interesting business idea? Promote your own designer accessories? Self invented robot? Trendy overseas fashion? Offering a service? Enough textbook business proposals! Turn your ideas into a real business!

One-Month Startup Training Program – 30 March – 28 April

Partnering with Dreamna, UPEC (University Professional Enhancement Club) and SIS (Strategic Investment Society) are turning CUHK into an entrepreneurship training ground. Join our one-month startup training program “Crowdfund your Dream” on 30 Mar – 28 Apr:

Program Highlights

  1. Get Mentorship – Get mentored by business leaders with experience in investment banking, international trading and start-up founders.

  2. Meet Entrepreneurs – Join a real life startup community event and meet entrepreneurs from various industries.

  3. Start a Real Business – Take the defining first step: get your business started. Raise money from the public through during 15 – 28 Apr and use the capital to turn your business idea into reality. (How Dreamna works?)

  4. Run your own Exhibition Stall – Promote your ideas or products with your own booth in a public area in CUHK.

  5. Win $5,000 Scholarships – Teams that raise the most money through Dreamna, receive the most facebook “likes”, show the most balanced performance will win the “Dreamna Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs” totaled $5,000, sponsored by AlphaPowerMBA and Dreamna. More details in FAQ.


Interested? Fill up the application form by 29 Mar. We collect a deposit of $300 from each team, fully refundable with satisfactory attendance during the program. (Why?)

Got a question? Check out our Facebook event page, FAQ or email